Are you asking the same thing?

In short, what specifically is this "partner" program?

To put it in layman’s terms, consider me your Executive Assistant for any and all things digital marketing.  If you have a question on SEO, you can send it to the “help desk”, if you need a strong email written to send as a cold email to get you some leads I can write that email for you, if you want to know how to use SMS for your company you can ask me and I’ll give you the best options. I’m your “partner” and will be your go-to in-house digital marketer.

What is the Bi-Monthly Q&A Conference Call?

This conference call is held twice a month and hosted exclusively to answer specific digital marketing questions.  Whether it’s a question on email marketing or you’re curious how to rank for a particular keyword, or if you need guidance on a pricing strategy…bring your questions to the LIVE call and I will answer them to the best of my ability.  Also, the calls are recorded and archived for resource and reference purposes.

What is the Digital Marketing Help Desk?

Just like a normal help desk where you can submit your technical questions, I’m offering to be your direct “help desk” for all things digital marketing.  If you have issues with technical things, shoot me a help desk message at and i’ll be in touch with you within 24-48 hrs. These are specific to technical questions

How does the "minutes" of direct task works?

For the actual “minutes” of direct tasks that I’ll do for you, that simply means I will spend up to those minutes per month to work directly on a digital marketing task you may need help on.  Example tasks can be updating content on your website, optimizing your on-page, setting up your Facebook custom audiences, building a cold email list, building a website, doing SEO tasks, and the list goes on.  Before I engage on a task, we will discuss if its an appropriate that can have an immediate impact on your business, and once we agree on the tasks, I begin the process of working on them.

So how do I stay in touch with you?

If we’ve been in touch via Facebook, then we can simply continue down that path.  However, I may ask you to submit an email to the help desk for specific issues like technical questions, etc.  If we’ve been in touch via text message then we can continue down that path as well.

Will you run my entire Facebook Ads campaign?

I will do the best I can within the allocated minutes to optimize, create, launch, manage your Facebook Ads.  I have a full blown Facebook Ads service that is a minimum of $1950/month in which I run, launch, and manage Facebook Ads for clients.  You get to benefit from the same process, etc…However, my attention to the campaign will be limited.  That DOES NOT mean I can’t or won’t do Facebook Ads for you, it just means, it will be limited to my best stuff in the allocated minutes…but I’ll still flex on Facebook and give you some incredible work for your partner plan.

What is the Monthly One on One Consulting?

This is exclusive to the Premier plan member, and is geared toward 2 private consulting sessions.  We can discuss and co-work through any item you deem necessary for the growth of your company.  I’ll give you my best professional advice.  We’ll map out an execution plan to ensure actionable progress for your desired outcome.

Can you explain the Monthly Marketing Initiative?

For the Elite plan member, I will work with you on a specific initiative to deploy and track during a given 30 day period.  It could be an email marketing campaign you might want to run, or you might be interested in getting more clients through LinkedIn, or you want to run Facebook Ads for a month…we will decide on the initiative, create a plan for it, then launch it and track the results.

What is the process when I become a client?

1. Once you subscribe to a plan, we will schedule your 30 minute on-boarding call to identify where you’re at, what you’re goals are, and what you want to achieve.

2. I will then go into the bat cave, assess your situation, and come up with an appropriate plan on the best way to tackle it in the allotted time frame in your monthly direct tasks.  I will be tracking my working minutes through our project management system/tracker and will create tasks to complete and send you a quick report at the end of the 30 days.

3. You are also welcome to send any digital marketing questions via the “help desk” private email in which I will respond to those within a 24-48 hour window.  Bring further questions to the Q & A bi-monthly calls to discuss anything urgent or specific to your needs as well.

4. We will continue to stay in touch in whatever our current communication method is (facebook, text message, email, etc)

What happens if you go over in task minutes?

Task minutes are set as a benchmark to get things done, but also force our hands to choose the highest value tasks which allow both of us to stay laser focused on your ultimate achievable goal.  If that tasks require more task minutes, I’ll do the best I can to give you a fair quote.

How does the Accountability check-ins work?

We will have periodic “accountability check in calls” to see how you are doing with your major goal and the prioritized objectives you’ve planned for yourself.  Along with being able to execute on tasks for you, I thrive off of being your encourager, supporter, and often times direct sounding board.  If you’re doing amazing, I’ll affirm that, if you’re veering off, I’ll whip you into shape and encourage a course correct :)

Can you build me a website?

Absolutely!!! As a matter of fact, I’ll present you with very clean, modern, responsive website themes to choose from and I can go to town getting it set up for you.  I will need to limit the type of website to the recommended themes because, they are the themes that I can get completed in a very quick turn around time within the allocated minutes in the month :)