Do Customers Actually Love Higher Prices?

Want to increase the price of your services without taking a hit on your sales?

Want to get your current clients to practically ask you to charge them more?

It’s not as hard as you think.

In fact, customers love higher prices.

Before we talk about raising your price in order to make your clients happier, let’s take a look at how damaging a low-price mindset can be.


Paying Rock-Bottom Prices – Is It Ever OK?


Sales and discounts on miniscule, unimportant things are fine.

The local grocery store is advertising broccoli for $1.99 this week?  Great, I’ll buy two!

But what about the services that really matter? (you know, the ones where it is absolutely VITAL to get the job done right?)

What if you need to have laser-eye surgery?

What if you need to hire help for an aging or injured loved-one?

What if you need to board your pet while you’re away?

Are these the type of services you’re willing to buy from a discount company?

Me either.

No.  I don’t love lower prices.

I don’t love having a lower quality service.

I don’t love having to work more or sacrifice convenience.

I don’t love that lower prices gives me less personal attention, and longer waiting times.

I don’t love the underpaid, disgruntled staff who don’t want to help you.

I don’t love the stress/hassle that comes with a lower-cost.

I don’t love the overall unsatisfying experience.


The Power of Premium Rates


Customers will actually love you for increasing your rates.

When you start charging more, the caliber of service to your clients increases exponentially.  You can:

  • Increase your monthly revenue, while taking on less clients.
  • Give more time and personalized attention to your smaller client load
  • Provide convenient done-for-you options, so your clients don’t have to do any of the work, or deal with any of the stress (this holds a very HIGH value!)
  • Hire additional team members to help provide quicker service turnaround and exceptional ongoing customer care.

An elite client who pays top-dollar for your premium rates place their values differently than lower-paying clients.  Cost isn’t their primary determining factor.  They value their time, convenience, personalized attention, quality, opportunity, and knowledge over money.

There will ALWAYS be potential clients who love paying higher prices.


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